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The Blues

The blues is a form of vocal and instrumental music whose original form is characterized by a repetitive structure of twelve bars and the use, in the melody, the so-called blue notes. The roots of the blues are to be found among the songs of the community of African slaves on the plantations of the southern states of the United States of America (the so-called Cotton Belt). The structure antiphonal (call and response) and the use of blue notes (a diminished fifth interval that the classical harmony and dissonant considers that in Italy earned the nickname of the blues din) apparentano blues to musical forms of ' West Africa.

The Soul

Soul in English means "soul". The "music of the soul" was born from the merger of the sounds of blues and gospel with the ways of the pop song. It was the result of urbanization and commercialization of rhythm and blues in the sixties. There were many variations within the soul music: groups catchy and melodic label Motown Records, the band led by the winds of the Stax / Volt Records. The different parts of America gave birth to different types of soul that dominated the charts of black music in the 60's and were often also offered on the pop charts. In the late '60s, soul began to fragment, when artists like James Brown and Sly Stone discovered funk. Despite this evolution, the soul is not set, and continues to influence musicians worldwide.

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