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Violinist for wedding proposal in Italy

You intend to make a proposal of marriage to the person you love? Do you want to do it in an original way and surprise her? Well, the hiring of a violinist arrives suddenly and sounds romantic music while delivered the ring, or while you are having dinner in a restaurant is a choice of sure effect. More and more men who choose to declare themselves in this way, even filming the moment. They are unique events in the life of the couple and some then they decide to screen the movie of the proposal during the wedding reception, in front of friends and family.

If your event will be in Lombardia or surrounding areas please contact Alessandro violist graduated, receiving many fees for this type of service. It operates in the province of Milan, Bergamo, Pavia, Brescia, Lodi, Monza, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Mantova, Varese, Sondrio.

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