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The karaoke

The karaoke is a musical phenomenon spread all over the world especially from the eighties. Its name is the union of the Japanese word "kara" and the term "okesutora" which is the Japanese pronunciation of the word derived from Greek orchestra. You can not find a real inventor for this form of entertainment. Some trace it to the television programs of the USA of the sixties, to other traditions of Japanese shows where the public was involved in the performances on stage. It only knows with certainty that the first karaoke machine was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, in the early seventies. It became popular in Japan, karaoke spread then, in the eighties, in various countries of Asia, where the patrons in public places, on pre-recorded backing tracks and with the help of video screens on which time ran the lyrics , they competed in trying to reinterpret popular songs, with hilarious results evident in some cases. Moreover, in many Japanese anime, initials appeared in the lyrics in hiragana, so you can sing. This fashion rapidly spread to other parts of the world and aroused the interest of both the industries of electronics products churned out for this specific use, both professional and amateur for private use at parties, is that the music industry was not slow to produce the backing tracks for the most famous songs. The spread of this phenomenon led indirectly to the creation of the video CD, the first version was called Karaoke CD to underline its primary use. Today there are many professionals who use specific computer programs to create their karaoke. There are many software used for playing and creating karaoke files from a MIDI song or MP3. The dissemination of these programs, now also used at the professional level, he has taken hold after the 2000s contributed to the collapse in sales of machines dedicated to the reproduction of the karaoke. Most software has the ability to handle multiple formats dedicated to karaoke, including MIDI, MP3 or CD-G. In Italian, the word karaoke became popular in the nineties, following the success of a successful TV show of the same name led by Fiorello.

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