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Musicians, bands, Dj for your Wedding in Italy

  • Our goal is to provide a broad but select range of what we believe to be the best wedding musicians on the national territory.
  • We believe that good music should not be confined to a certain genre. Here you will find different categories of musicians and music from swing to classical, from folk to world music, rock bands, Celtic music, jazz band, pop and more.
  • Music is a decisive factor in creating atmosphere, in giving color to characterize the style of both the ceremony of the reception. For this we recommend you to choose carefully what will be the musicians who will accompany your event. Much of the success of the same, in fact, is due precisely to the choice of music.
  • You can search for musicians that you prefer through various routes: through their area of ​​operations, following the sign "look for the musicians in your area" or you can find them by clicking on one of the panels of the Home on a musical genre to which you are oriented.
  • There is the possibility, by clicking in the box, to hear some of the best wedding songs played by musicians and contact them by activating the information request form. There are songs for the ceremony (civil or religious), the aperitif, the reception, the danceable. It is not a complete list, are some of the most engaging songs that are part of the repertoire of some of the portal musicians.
  • Finally, if you are undecided, and you do not have a clear idea of ​​what you want and how you play the music service during a wedding, then you will probably need some help and some advice. We will be happy to provide it. Email us or fill in the form we have previously structured highlighting the alternatives and options that will serve to guide the choice of musicians or music genres than others. These variables are strictly qualitative in nature and have to do with your personal tastes and what they want. Will be taken into high consideration the style and atmosphere that you will want to give the event.

There is no standardized method to choose the most suitable musicians to their marriage. There are many factors that can not be uniform: every married couple is different from another, the guests are different, the locations are different.

How to choose the best musicians


Many sites provide, for different musicians wedding, reviews of some newlyweds. They are, in our opinion a "half lie" ..... Why? Simple: because these sites advertise reviewed musicians (who usually pay an annual fee) and thus will hardly published negative or not really positive comments.

So the advice is to not to be too influenced by this kind of judgments and to hear directly the audio / video files in the presentation given to individual musicians or bands. Follow the sensations you feel while listening to their music and rely first of all to yourself. The impact must be positive

In fact, not only every married couple has different tastes from those of others but often the chosen backdrop for the wedding event plays an important factor. Getting married in a castle with the articulated rooms and the tables of the guests do not evenly arranged is different for example from an outdoor reception on a farm. You can, for example, pleasure a rock band but could fit into the second location but not in the first.

That said, at least five factors are important when choosing the music that will accompany their wedding reception. It is not enough to listen to the songs of the band or the chosen musician but you have to imagine them placed in the context that it is organized, based on the location of the structure, the style that you want to give to the party and even the type of guests.

Pay attention to these factors:

1) The reception will take place indoors or outdoors?

2) We will move into different areas of the location during the reception?

3) The player can not play for 8 hours even though we all know that wedding receptions last long.

4) For any time of the final dances is better a band or a DJ or a playlists in streams?

5) Where to place the audio system and the musicians