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The world music

World music (world music) is a genre of contamination between elements of popular music and traditional music (folk and ethnic) developed in the eighties. Originally the music world was identified with all that music outside the Western repertoire caught, and was intended solely to academic studies. Subsequently, since the sixties, migration, arrived in the West, of people from different countries of the third world they released their music through the broadcast media in the western metropolis. The music from these cultures began to spread on a large scale since the early eighties, when some entrepreneurs began to found independent labels aimed at the large scale deployment of ethnic music. This resulted in a series of "mixing" between the different musical cultures that brought about the creation of the genre.

Given the evolution of the systems of transport and communication also only since the beginning of the twentieth century, no wonder that western traditions come into contact with those of other cultures, with mutual influence; in this sense, it is likely that the boundary between what is known as pop music and ethnic music becomes more and more elusive. Critics of this trend argue that it could lead, in the long term, to a substantial "globalization" of music which would coincide with an impoverishment of the musical traditions of the peoples. From this concern it arises then, as a countermeasure, the interest in the study and preservation of the musical traditions of the countries of the third world.

In Italy, and the first production of Gabriel, the first artist to produce an album of great stature ethnic was Fabrizio De André that, in 1984, together with the musician Mauro Pagani, gave birth to the album Creuza de Ma, entirely Genoese language, with musical arrangements arabesque carried out with typical Mediterranean. This experiment was a huge success and acclaim from critics (including foreign nationals) and who included them among the works that historically changed the musical landscape.

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