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The folk music

By the term folk music is generally understood both the traditional music or folk (also written folclorica), for which in English is used the definition of Traditional folk music, the music is derivative of it, for which in English is generally used the definition of contemporary folk music or folk music revival.

The Traditional folk music, which coincides with our traditional music or folk, has been defined in various ways: as "music transmitted orally" and played regularly since time immemorial, as "music of the lower classes" or even as music created by " unknown composers ". What is certain is that folk music is distinguished from popular music and classical music, seen as three major categories that together form a "triangle axiomatic".

From the middle of the twentieth century, many artists began to develop new forms of popular music inspired by traditional folk music, which the British refer today to the terms of contemporary folk music or folk music revival, including in these definitions also certain types of folk music called world music. This process, which saw its heyday in the 60s, but is distinct from the more recent branches of traditional music. Many have been in the past, the small rebirth of folk music, although this term is ill-suited to the new forms of music created during these periods of revival. For these new genres are more appropriately used terms like folk rock, folk metal, progressive folk, Indie folk and others, that emphasize the derivation. You can not in fact define folk music melody lines written today, which then fall into the popular music, and much of the music that mingles with elaboration of archaic songs is the work of the author.

In the Italian language is often used improperly labeled Folk music (in English Popular music) as a synonym for folk music or traditional music, with which it refers instead to music written in the language of the people and designed for the people, he understood then as "index general, widespread, popular."

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